Frequently Asked Question
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Frequently Asked Question
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How Does it Work
1. What does MAR mean? How does it work?
2. Can my MAR change on a daily basis based on yield management principles?
3. How am I notified by the system?
4. How do I avoid receive very low offers I’m not interested in?
5. How is the reservation delivered to the hotel?
6. Can Travelsurf customers make instant bookings without going through the Offer-acceptance process?
7. If the customer offer is above the MAR set by hotel, how long does it take to confirm the booking?
8. If the offer is below the hotel’s MAR then is the hotel notified?
9. How much time does a hotel have to accept or counter a customer’s offer?
10. What happens at night when I do not have a person to accept or counter customer offer?
11. Can the customer counter the hotel’s counter offer?
12. Can a customer change or cancel his booking?
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