Frequently Asked Question
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Frequently Asked Question
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1. How do hotels sell rooms via Travelsurf?
2. Can hotels allocate separate sets for inventory for each of the two channels?
3. Is the hotel required to participate on both the channels?
4. Do hotels need to commit a minimum number of rooms?
5. Who is responsible for promoting Travelsurf? How is Travelsurf promoted?
6. Does Travelsurf sell my rooms from other websites / portal services?
7. Is the customer’s offer to my hotel made via ‘YC@YP’ shared with any “third party”? Does it become public knowledge at any time?
8. What is my yield on Travelsurf bookings? Is it based on the MAR I have set for my rooms?
9. What is Travelsurf’s co-op marketing program?
10. Is it compulsory for hotels to participate in Travelsurf co-op marketing program?
11. When will Travelsurf service be launched in my region?
12. Why should I become a Travelsurf member now when the service is not open to consumers in my region?
13. What is the typical confidential price I should set for my Minimum Acceptable Rate on YC@YP?
14. Does Travelsurf provide any reporting?
15. What is the length of agreement?
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