Travelsurf enables you to negotiate amazing hotel deals online at hotels of your choice.
Our member hotels list their surplus room inventories with us which otherwise remain unsold. You can make binding offers for these rooms and negotiate the best deal in a confidential, secure and efficient online environment.
Hotel rooms are perishable products, if not rented the revenue is lost forever. Most hotels, on most days are left with vacant rooms, which they'd prefer to rent at discounted rates rather than leave them vacant. Until Travelsurf, hotels did not have an efficient online distribution channel, where they could sell-off these surplus unsold rooms to the public without adversely affecting their mainstream business. Hence in the past, these highly discounted, 'clearance' inventories were only available to whole sellers - not anymore!
Since all rooms listed are on a 'clearance' basis, successful bookings are non-refundable, non-changeable and non-cancellable with payment in advance.
Note: Payment for the booking is processed only when your offer is accepted. Your credit/debit card is charged for the amount of the successful deal. Travelsurf does not charge you a fee for its services.
We suggest you to make offers to multiple hotels at the same time. We will only confirm one of the hotels from your offer list based on your priority preference.
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